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As the world has become increasingly complex and uncertain, traditional ways of working and organizing are holding us back.  Organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Decisions drag on for weeks or months. Departments don’t work together. And the constant flow of meetings and email distracts us from the actual work.
The reality for most people inside organizations today is that work doesn’t work. The way we’re organized makes it harder for us to do our work instead of easier. The way we collaborate and communicate with our teams makes us feel like we’d be better off working by ourselves than working together.
Employee Engagement
A Gallup global survey of employee engagement found that only 13% of employees are actually engaged at work. 63% are not engaged, and a shocking 24% are actively disengaged.
The reason: Our companies are running on an operating system that was designed over 100 years ago for a world that no longer exists.
It’s time for a change. But this change is unlike anything you have ever thought of before. Becoming a fit for the future organization is not just one more reorganization – this is about your organization’s way of working – its operating system.
The Responsive Org Discovery Day  is a space for discovering powerful new ideas in organizational design.  We would like to invite you to explore solutions to navigate complexity and ambiguity and lay the building blocks for the future of work.
Responsive Organizations are designed to thrive in less predictable environments as we have them in our today’s world. They learn and respond fast and flexible to inner and outer evolution and complexity while encouraging experimentation.  Employees, customers, and partners organize as a network, motivated by a shared purpose.

What you will experience

When participating in our workshop, we would like for you to have a great learning experience. Of course, we will provide you with context and background information. Our main goal, however, is an interactive and participatory workshop designed to share real-life examples and best practices. You will engage in discussion and in collaborative activities that enable you to explore the topic more in-depth. Here is what you will experience

You will explore

– Why  responsive organizational approaches are needed  in today’s workplaces
– According to which principles and practices Responsive Organizations work
– How these principles and practices could translate into your organization or team

You will discover

– Successful practices of Responsive  Organizations
– Fresh ideas for  structure, roles, authority, meetings, decisions
– Tensions as a ‚motor‘ for responsive organizations
– A set of agile practices you can experiment with in your team

You will participate in

– A deep dive into exciting case studies from pioneering companies like Morning Star, Spotify, Valve, HolacracyOne, Buurtzorg
– An exploration of patterns and success factors
– Group discussions on the findings and possible use in your company
– A tension-based discovery of useful and quickly deployable agile practices

You will enjoy

– A bunch of new concepts and ideas to take back to your company
– A creative and inspiring atmosphere at Basel’s Launchlabs
– Lots of opportunity for  exchange and networking
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Who should join?

Our workshops is for leaders or professionals seeking to make a difference. If you are interested in the future of work and news ways of collaboration, this workshop is for you. 
Leaders and managers of teams
HR and talent leaders
Learning and development professionals
Trainers, facilitators, and coaches
Anyone whose professional role is or will be impacted by the Future of Work

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